Why Royal Girls Academy?
Many parents yearn for a school that is a home for their children; a place where parental anxieties over their children are taken care of; a place of sound academic and moral foundation, where discipline and academic excellence are not comprised. We are pleased to say that this is what RGA is all about.

About the RGA

The dream for an ideal Christian boarding secondary school for girls had throbbed in the mind of the proprietors since the nineteen eighties, In 1993 the vision became clearer and more persistent especially as the moral decadence among staff and students and the total lack of commitment to qualitative education in the country?s educational structure became evident.

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Our Students

A team comprised of house parents, tutors, the counsellor, the governess, tutors and the chaperon share the responsibility of caring for the students. They all fall under the student affairs unit which is divided into boarding, health and the student advisory unit.

The Guidance counsellor embedded into all processes,

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Students Scholarship

The best candidate in our yearly entrance examination is awarded a scholarship provided she does not score below an 80% pass. This scholarship is valued at full tuition and boarding for each year the scholar is at RGA and maintains a minimum average of 80%.

The huge sum of money for such a project was alarming.

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