Most events are open to parents. If they are closed, 'In house' will be indicated in brackets beside the event on the school calendar.

Christmas Village: The Christmas Village is a life sized representation of Christmas celebrations in various countries in the seven continents of the world. It is a very colourful event. All students participate and parents are expected to provide costumes for them. Tickets are purchased to attend the event and proceeds raised from ticket sales are donated to charity. Over N2,000,000.00 ($10,000) has been raised from ticket sales at The Christmas Village which began in 2012.

Christmas Carols: Every Christmas, RGA Holds a Themed Christmas carol, it is a beautiful event and one that leaves a long lasting impression on the minds the students. We have had the whole works from "Ice Cream Christmas Carol" to Christmas Carol de Banane", from candle light Christmas to hosting our very own serenata, 'All the love I've known'.

Family Worship Service: This takes place once in a session on a visiting Sunday in the second term. Parents, siblings of our students, staff and their families worship in RGA with the students from 10am -11:30am. A love feast follows courtesy of families in attendance.

Annual Harvest Thanksgiving Service: This was introduced by the graduating class of 2004 to raise funds for charity. The proceeds are given to the less privileged e.g. Global Foundation for orphaned children (Jarrell's Home) The Children's Home Borokiri, Cheshire home, etc.

RGA Retreat: Usually holds in the first week of resumption from Monday to Wednesday (3 days). It is a reflective time. It is a solemn assembly of prayers with fasting. Fasting is optional. Breaking of fast is either at break time, lunch time or compulsorily by 6 p.m.

Graduation Ceremony RGA ushers out its queens in style when they meet all behavioural and academic requirements in SS3. This usually takes place in the third term. Graduating classes are assessed from SS1 - SS3 based on behaviour, ingenuity and academic prowess and a graduating average is determined. Based on this average, students may be given a grand banquet (80% and above), a sit down buffet (65%- 79%) or a packed lunch reception (55% - 64%) or no reception (below 55%) after the graduation ceremony.

RGA Praise Day The first Wednesday of the month is RGA praise day. It holds during the co-curricular slot. Prayers for birthday celebrants of the month may be taken at the end of the praise day.

P.T.A This usually holds once a term on a visiting Sunday. The Executive Committee members preside over the general meeting.

African Day Celebration A day set aside to celebrate our African heritage. It usually takes place in October to coincide with RGA's anniversary celebration. This is one of the most anticipated events of the school. Parents and students dress up in their cultural regalia and come out to dance, celebrate and share cultural secrets. Parents bring in traditional dishes for a potluck afterwards.

Ikia Day Ikia a Kalabari word for Friendship. On this day RGA invites students from primary schools to get a feel of what secondary school life is all about. It is fun filled day with lots of activities including classroom learning, swimming etc.

Students Week This usually falls on the last week of each term. Therefore, students do not ordinarily leave the school after exams except on health grounds. The Social Prefect and her deputy plan the activities for the week. There are a whole bunch of other events that hold in the school from inter house ports competitions, student's picnic, Miss RGA contest, to RGA versions of ‘So you think you can dance? 'and 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' During events in the school, the students interact with parents only after the scheduled programme.

  • Personalized Activity based Learning
  • A Cambridge Accredited Centre
  • Over 15 years of Excellent, Malpractice Free Results in WAEC and NECO
  • Development of Personal Values and Thinking Process
  • With over 20 years of Experience, RGA Runs the Most Established Private Girls School in River State
  • Career Focused Education
  • A choice of Over 50 Electives
  • Innovative but Proven Methods of Teaching.

  • To mould the intellect and character of the girl-child by providing a solid academic and moral foundation
  • To ensure the personal development of each child along her interests, capabilities and talents.
  • To encourage the development of values and thinking processes that enhance the girl-child intelligent adaptability to a dynamic world.
  • To encourage self-discipline and personal integrity in the students

The RGA Junior School curriculum is carefully developed and regularly revised to provide a comprehensive programme which will best prepare our students for the world stage. We use a hybrid curriculum that comprises of the Rivers State Ministry of Education, Federal Government Junior Secondary and Cambridge Checkpoints Curricula. At the Junior Secondary School Level, the following subjects are offered.

School Year is covered in 3 terms with a break in between each term. The first term runs from September to December, second term runs from January to April and the third from April to July. Students in SS2 and JSS2 have an extra term in August to prepare them for WAEC, NECO, Cambridge IGSCE and checkpoints examinations. The school issues a calendar for the new term at the end of preceding term. All events and activities are outlined on the calendar

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